Catering Industry Internet Marketing Program

Hey! Welcome…I’m so glad you are here.

Catering can be a fabulously rewarding career AND it can be the most challenging thing you ever do.

We both know that catering is much more than cooking, you are creating EXPERIENCES!

As a true small business owner you are wearing many hats; from marketing, customer service, accounting, creating proposals, ordering rentals, purchasing, cooking and delivery… but I bet you still LOVE what you do and would not think of doing anything else!

My name is Yamil Francisco and I’ve been helping catering business owners just like yourself to not only survive, but grow without going insane!

Who is Yamil Francisco?

I am a marketing and efficiency expert with years experience with the catering industry. It all started when I worked at a small (back then) catering company in Miami.

Catering marketing director

As the Marketing Director it was my job to find opportunities and book more business.

I first tried the true and tried methods such as networking and buying leads. While these methods worked (and still work today) I failed like a champ at bringing a regular stream of leads throughout the year.

Fixing the Catering Lead Problem

Because I do not know how to quit :), I would go home and study books on marketing, read sales magazines and spoke with people that were awesome at sales.

I learned SEO (search enginge optimization) and applied my newly acquired skills. When social media became important I went back to the drawing board and started dominating that area as well.

Creating a New Reality

A few years later and that small catering company is no longer struggling and no longer small. 

After I left I wrote a small book called “Double Your Leads” available in Amazon and spoke in local small business networking events sharing my experience with others.

You deserve the business of your dreams!

Get more bookings year round!

Say it with me “No More Slow Seasons!”

How would it feel to have your catering business grow 10X?

What if your biggest problem was to figure out how to shop, prepare and deliver 10X the amount of catering bookings your company is currently handling?

What would that mean to your family? To your staff? To your company’s bottom line?

That’s what we do.

Our Motto:


We remove the word “slow season” out of the catering industry, one client at a time.


Gold Plate Marketing

Catering Coaching Program

Give us 90 days and we will give you a thriving catering business.

How we do it?

Through Organic, Lead Generation, Social Media and Consulting

web development – $450

WordPress website with the following plugins

  • Security plugin
  • SEO plugin
  • Contact form
  • Social media icons and connectivity
  • Facebook or Google reviews (for authority)
  • Stock images (if needed to supplement)
  • Content

website for catering business

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – $350

Research competition and perform keyword analysis
Implement tracking
On Page SEO – Fix titles and H1 – H5 – Add keyword to meta description – images, change structure of website to 1 page per service (corporate catering, social catering, etc)
Review and optimize GMB, profiles created on industry websites such as wedding wire and review NAP’s
Run page load analysis – Improving Page Load
Create 1 blog post per week (1,000 – 2,000 words)

Social Media – $250

Add social media buttons to the website
Create content calendar
Create 2 posts a week for Facebook – following content calendar(to be automatically distributed to other social media platforms – Instagram,  Twitter and other social media platforms
Manage ad campaign (marketing budget up to 1,000)


We are absolutely confident to provide life altering results for our clients that long term harsh commitments are not necessary.

Spots are filling fast – we only work with 1  catering company per metropolitan area

We consistently get results to very single catering company we partner with.

So are you ready to grow your corporate client base? Are you ready to say goodbye to slow seasons?

Ready? Get Cooking and Grow!

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