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Hey! Welcome…I’m so glad you are here.

Catering can be a fabulously rewarding career AND it can be the most challenging thing you ever do.

We both know that catering is much more than cooking, you are creating EXPERIENCES!

As a true small business owner you are wearing many hats; from marketing, customer service, accounting, creating proposals, ordering rentals, purchasing, cooking and delivery… but I bet you still LOVE what you do and would not think of doing anything else!

My name is Yamil Francisco and I’ve been helping catering business owners just like yourself to not only survive, but grow without going insane!

Who is Yamil Francisco?

I am a marketing and efficiency expert with years experience with the catering industry. It all started when I worked at a small (back then) catering company in Miami.

As the Marketing Director it was my job to find opportunities and book more business.

I first tried the true and tried methods such as networking and buying leads. While these methods worked (and still work today) I failed like a champ at bringing a regular stream of leads throughout the year.

Fixing the Catering Lead Problem

Because I do not know how to quit :), I would go home and study books on marketing, read sales magazines and spoke with people that were awesome at sales.

I learned SEO (search enginge optimization) and applied my newly acquired skills. When social media became important I went back to the drawing board and started dominating that area as well.

For corporate catering LinkedIn, cold calls and cold emails kept our opportunities flowing steady.

For social events what worked best was SEO and social media marketing.

A New Problem Emerged

Once I kept the kitchen busy, I had a new problem.

Staying organized became a priority as we were booking more events. I implemented solutions to be able to have proposals turned around quickly, get paid quicker and deliver our awesome food on time, everytime.

From the new menu, payment systems and newly organized warehouse, efficiency became my middle name.

Creating a New Reality

A few years later and that small catering company is no longer struggling and no longer small. 

I now have a system and process that I have used over and over again to help other catering companies grow their business while improving efficiency.

How would it feel to have your catering business grow 10X?

What if your biggest problem was to figure out how to shop, prepare and deliver 10X the amount of catering bookings your company is currently handling?

What would that mean to your family? To your staff? To your company’s bottom line?

That’s what we do.

Our Motto:


We remove the word “slow season” out of the catering industry, one client at a time.

Gold Plate Marketing

Catering Coaching Program

Give us 30 days and we will give you a thriving catering business.

How we do it?

  • Phase 1 – Evaluate the business goals, the current limitations and conduct a location visit to the warehouse and office.
  • Phase 2 – Strengthen internet presence of the company through social media, SEO, website refresher, and profiles optimization. 
  • Phase 3 – Find corporate catering opportunities through cold and email calling. We will train your staff on how to do this. See below for more details on this process.
  • Phase 4 – Explore and implement integrations to make the internal processes flow seamlessly. Staff sales and process training is included.
  • Phase 5 – Test and evaluate changes. Finalize 30 day cycle and decide on checkpoints and follow up calendar.

Our catering coaching program is meant to bring current and future catering opportunities to our clients while optimizing processes to allow effortless growth.

How long does the catering coaching program last?

Our initial coaching program lasts 30 days.

After the initial period we will explore staying on board for pieces of the program.

We are absolutely confident to provide life altering results for our clients that long term harsh commitments are not necessary.

Spots are filling fast – we only work with 1  catering company per metropolitan area

What’s the Investment?

How much does it cost to hire a Marketing Director?

Per the average base salary for a marketing director is $131.496.00

This position is responsible for driving the sales process for a catering company. Part of their responsibilities is to grow the business client base and bring up profits.

What we offer is an alternative to hiring 1 full time sales employee.

We assign 1 dedicated Lead Acquisition Specialist per account, a project manager and the VP of Operations – Lead Acquisition Department – all committed to your business success.

What if we told you have access to 3 marketing experts dedicated to growing your business for $10,958.00 (one month of the base salary of a Marketing Director)

How does that sound?

But what if we told you that we offer this service for less than half of that?

Would it be worth it?

Only you can decide; but let me ask you something, where will you be 1 year from now if you keep doing what you are doing? 

But here is the icing on the cake:

Our whole team is dedicated to working ONLY with catering businesses. You are not working with a random company that works with a bunch of other industries.

Our team are experts in the catering industry.

We consistently get results to very single catering company we partner with.

So are you ready to grow your corporate client base? Are you ready to say goodbye to slow seasons?

Ready? Get Cooking and Grow!



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Curious about our corporate lead acquisition process?

Because you are curious, here is the process we follow to ramp up more corporate leads for your business. This is part of our coaching package. We will train your staff so that when our time together is gone your team can keep the momentum going.

Phase 1 – Get Domain Ready

We purchase a domain similar to yours. And warm it up in order to send hundreds of emails at a time this is a very important process. Meanwhile we are setting up the cities we are going to target for you in our system to block us from being hired by other catering companies.

Phase 2 – Research

Research leads. We use different systems to find the emails and phone numbers for medium to large companies. We combine the results and clean up the lists by removing duplicate entries, obsolete entries, useless entries, researching emails, etc.

We then upload the emails into our email checker software to limit the bounce backs.

Phase 3 – Email

We start bulk emailing the 2nd week of the month. We use a short email template that has proven over and over again to provide results and qualify the lead.


Hi! Does your office ever need catering?


Phase 4 – Lead Validation

When a prospect responds yes:

1 – We send you the lead via email and add it to a Google sheet. The sheet can be used for future email campaigns such Newsletters, Sales, new menus, and much more

2 – We send the prospect a link to your online menu or your menu in PDF format.

When a prospect does not respond or opens the email:

1 – We call them and ask the same question.

Phase 5 – Rinse and Repeat

We keep going until the 30 days are done.

Call Us Today at to get started855-633-4240


We only work with 1 catering company at a time in any metropolitan area. Call us today to get started!